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In an effort to simplify my life and spend more time in ways that my family and fans will appreciate best, I've decided to drop my website and run solely off my blog. You'll find all the same information on the new site and I'll be able to update in a more timely manner. 


This site is NO longer being updated. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Please come visit me at my new home.  Bookmark it. Follow me. Connect and enjoy!



Here's what people are saying about the Ancient Words Series:

Where Can I Flee:


"I finished the book and I'm hungry for more."

"I liked this book more then most books I've read recently."

"I NEED the next book!!!"

"I think I will have to read it again and's that good. Well done!!"

"Of all the Christian fiction books I have read, this has the best presentation of the gospel."


In the Shadow of Thy Wings:


"...Oh, my goodness, In the Shadow of Thy Wings was so good. Really, bravo! Again!"


"This is better than the first one and that's saying something because I really enjoyed Where Can I Flee."


"It was all that I hoped it would be. Your story has stayed with me, runinning through my head as I work, and even popping up in a dream!"


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